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Our services don’t just include equipment rental—we can also take care of the entire technological aspect of your event. In addition to IT equipment such as laptops, computers, printers, copiers, network elements and monitors, we will also arrange video projection, audio, lighting, language interpretation, and voting.

We strive to continue to devise new ways to utilise modern IT technologies in non-traditional ways. We will be happy to suggest ways to capture the attention of participants or to ensure the event goes off without a hitch.

We can secure equipment and realise your event not just in the Czech Republic, but abroad as well. We are not limited solely to Europe; our equipment and technicians are already experienced in the specific conditions in places such as the USA, Turkey, and Russia.

our technic

The following table contains a comprehensive description of our equipment, including prices for rental per day and installation. If installation is not carried out by one of our technicians, you will not be charged an installation fee. Some of the item descriptions also include documents for download.

Prices in CZK with no VAT. Kč EU US
computer - Windows 10
computer Apple - Mac OS X
laptop - Windows 10
laptop Apple - Mac OS X
computer All In One - Windows 10
10" tablet - Android
10" tablet Apple - iOS
13" tablet Apple - iOS
minicomputer - Linux
server - Linux
23" LCD screen - FullHD
27" LCD screen - FullHD
32" LCD screen - QuadHD
22" LCD touchscreen
wall mount kit
laser printer A4
laser printer A4 executive
colour laser printer A4
colour laser printer A4 executive
colour laser printer A3
plastic card printer
photoprinter - 10x15 cm
lock for notebook
active repro
phones with microphone
wireless keyboard and mouse
wireless remote controler for presentation
scanner A4 USB
signature scanner USB
video input USB
webcam USB
barcode scanner USB
wireless barcode reader
LAN switch 8-port
LAN switch 16-port
LAN switch 24-port
router - Linux
WiFi access point
mobile internet 4G
LAN cable UTP
optical LAN cable 300m
mobilphone - Android
electric stapler
colour copier A4 table
colour copier A3 executive
shredder executive
32" screen - FullHD
46" screen - FullHD
55" screen - FullHD
65" screen - 4K
75" screen - 4K
85" screen - 4K
32" touchscreen - FullHD
42" touchscreen - FullHD
55" touchscreen - FullHD
75" touchscreen - 4K
stand for screen
preview stand for screen
wall mount kit
analog mixpult with 8 inputs
digital mixpult with 16 inputs
digital wireless microphone
digital wireless head microphone
microphone stand
table microphone
active repro 2 x 80W
active repro 2 x 250W
active repro 2 x 500W
studio camera - FullHD
PTZ camera - FullHD
tripod for camera
video editing with 4 inputs
HDMI splitter
studio lights
internet kiosk
electronic poster
multimedia speaker desk
electronic information panel
mini timer
charging station
backup power unit 500VA
technical suport - working day
technical suport - weekend
instalation - working day
instalation - weekend
technical consultation
programming and graphic work
diets (Europe)
transport (in Prague)
transport (except Prague)

software development

Because our goal is to provide our clients with a truly comprehensive solution for their event in terms of technology, we also focus on the creation of web applications and specialised software.

Web application development does not just include the creation of a wide range of web presentations, but also programming expansive database systems as well as simple interactive games that can be used to capture visitors’ attention. Web applications can be used virtually anywhere. We use a wide range of technologies in the realisation of these tasks: HTML, PHP, Python, Javascript, etc.

Some of our clients have specific requirements that cannot be realised using web interfaces. However, it is our goal (and also a welcome challenge) to fulfil their every request. This is why we also began to focus on the creation of this type of specialised, usually single-purpose software. For the development of these programmes, we prefer to use the following technologies: C#, Java, etc.

Škoda Docházka Dotazník Scrabble Video


video streaming

It involves transmission of image and sound, for instance from a camera, over greater distances than conventional cabling allows. We first convert the signal and then use Internet Protocol to transmit over virtually any distance. We can use the local computer network as well as the Internet. This makes it possible to “produce” live broadcasting from the event.

barcodes and QR

These are our older, time-tested technologies that still represent an excellent solution for a number of different situations. They are most often used for visitor identification during an event. Bar or QR codes are printed on the name tag and the scanner scans it into our applications where it is then processed further. The obtained data can be used, for instance, for calculating acquired educational credits, keeping records of issued interpretation receivers, monitoring access, etc.


The modern version of the bar code that offers a multitude of advantages. It can be used for the same purposes as well as for many situations. At a glance: payment systems, access systems, electronic business cards, games, etc. They are most commonly used in conjunction with plastic cards that can be printed with custom graphics, such as a name tag. The primary advantages include wireless scanning, speed, and the option of storing data on a chip in a card.


Rental equipment pricelist

You can download a document with the complete price list for our equipment rental and services in Czech or English versions, as well as in versions with prices listed in CZK, EUR, or USD.

General rental terms

The document contains the general conditions of the rental of our equipment and instructions for rental. They describe the rules during the implementation of the event, billing for rental, invoice payment deadlines, etc.


Drivers for our equipment can be downloaded in the section our equipment and in each item description.

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